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You can't measure strength and drive with scales or stats, but you can commit to give your best in The Box. Reebok make this commitment too - to never compromise on our mission to make the best Cross Training clothing for women, and support your journey to be your best physically, mentally and socially.Exercise isn't just about reps and sets, but also about how you deal with the pain. Focusing your mind when your body is screaming to stop, and staying true to your vision of yourself during the toughest WODs is what it's all about. Reebok's Cross Training gear for women is our toughest yet, with innovations in fabrics and styles that give you an edge. From a tight fit capri to a bold strength tank, Reeboks Cross Training apparel performs with you, hammering out the WOD day after day.When you're looking for kicks that can match you in The Box, Reebok Cross Training shoes are designed for Cross Trainingters, by Cross Trainingters, so you know they will work as hard as you do.