Experts / July 14, 2021
Jeff Wilser, Reebok Contributor
10 Life Lessons from Solo Travelers

Every month a new country, every day a new adventure: This is the wisdom from those who truly live on the edge.

Experts / July 09, 2021
Kristen Geil, Reebok Contributor
Why “Summer Body” Needs to Be Removed from Our Vocabulary

The concept of a pursuing a certain seasonal look is problematic in more ways than one.

Experts / June 30, 2021
Julie Bensman, Reebok Editorial
7 Tips for a Successful Return to the Gym

It’s been a while. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Experts / June 30, 2021
Julie Bensman, Reebok Editorial
What to Eat Before a Workout

Your food choices (and timing) make a huge difference.

Experts / June 16, 2021
Kristen Geil, Reebok Contributor
Why Walking Is the Next Big Exercise Trend

It’s minimal on impact and packs maximum health benefits. Here’s why you should consider taking a walk on the wild (or urban) side during your next workout.

Experts / June 16, 2021
Amy Reiter, Reebok Contributor
Trainers Share Mantras That Motivate Them

Sometimes all it takes to get to the gym or finish a workout is the perfect motivational phrase. These trainers share the words that keep them going strong.

Experts / June 16, 2021
Kristen Geil, Reebok Contributor
Do Ellipticals Deserve Their “Lazy Workout” Reputation?

This cardio machine may be low-impact, but that doesn’t mean it has to be low-effort. Learn how to take your next elliptical session to the max.

Experts / June 04, 2021
Julie Bensman, Reebok Editorial
How to Stay in Shape on Vacation

Here’s how to incorporate wellness into every summer getaway.

Experts / May 27, 2021
Andrew Lawrence, Reebok Contributor
When Is It Time to Replace Your Shoes?

If you’ve ever wondered how long you can pound the pavement (or trail, treadmill or gym mat) before turning your kicks in for new ones, here’s your answer.

Experts / May 21, 2021
Julie Bensman, Reebok Editorial
How to Burn More Calories Walking

Hacks to make your walk work for you.

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