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/ October 2019

Open Pro Tips by Forte Method + the AthleteHUB

The 2019 Crossfit Open is upon us, gear up for weekly tips from Reebok & Crossfit Games athlete Rob Forte & mobility advice from the AthleteHUB.

The 2019 CrossFit Open kicks off shortly and Reebok is supporting you along the way! Tune into a Reebok first! With Reebok Open Pro Tips coming to you each and every Friday of the Crossfit Open. Crossfit Games legend & fan favourite, Rob Forte, will be your go-to expert on advice + tips to get you through each workout. Followed by a host of mobility exercises created specifically for each Open workout, powered by the gurus at the AthleteHUB.


Powered by Forte Method + the AthleteHUB.

The Forte Method gives you Reebok’s OPEN Pro Tips for 20.2

Using transitions to your advantage and leading your mind are the two key take-outs to prepare for this workout. 

• Scale transitions depending on your fitness levels (ie. make them bigger or smaller)
• Test transitions by doing 3 x rounds of the workout in your warm up
• Lead your mind so your negative thoughts don’t end up leading you
• Mentally focus on the count to stay present in the moment
• Try not to led negative thoughts dictate your output
• Keep perspective - 20 minutes isn’t long in the scheme of things 

Reebok Open Pro Tips 20.2 – Powered by the AthleteHUB

• The stimulus of dumbbell thrusters rather than barbell thrusters not only tests your overhead strength but also your shoulder stability. 
• The toes-to-bar and the double-unders will fatigue your shoulder stability as well as your midline as the workout progresses. 
• Spend time rolling out the Lats and the Serratus (two key elements of shoulder stability) and activating them before the workout. 
• The sets of double unders with progressively tighten the calf muscles as the workout progresses making ankle mobility a factor on the thrusters. Spend time rolling out the calf muscles and stretching them before and after the workout. 
• Once again expect your grip strength to get tested so prep the forearms with the “bone-saw” mobility exercise we introduced you to last week.

Reebok Open Pro Tips 20.1 – Powered by the AthleteHUB


• The repetitive pull from the floor and the stimulus of coming up out of the bottom of a burpee are going to hit and fatigue the same muscle groups. 
• Make sure your hamstrings and lower back are properly warmed up before you begin the workout and spend time rolling out any tight points in both and stretching your hamstrings. 
• A dynamic warm up rather than a static stretch will be more effective in prepping your lower back for this workout. 
• The time cap is tight for anyone that’s not a pro-athlete so you’re going to want to hold onto the bar as much as possible – that means your grip is going to burn. 
• In this video we’ve shown you how to do a “bone-saw” to help loosen up the muscles involved with grip through the forearm. Make sure you use it!

Reebok Open Pro Tips 20.0 – Powered by The Forte Method

Pacing and self-talk are the two-key take-outs to prepare for this workout.

The approach:

• Plan how the GTO will be broken up. 
• Decide if you are doing snatch or clean & jerk. Test both. 
• Do a mini-version of the workout (e.g. 3x 5 GTO and 7x bar-facing burpees). 
• Remember that 'the more it hurts during, the better you’ll feel afterwards'. Repeat this mantra to yourself when the going gets tough.

Be sure to follow the journey on Instagram: @thefortemethod @gethubbed


/ October 2019
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